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Don't be a fool, All shea butters are not equal. Do you know what is in your Shea Butter?

The shea nuts that we use to make our 100% Natural Shea pure, unrefined shea butter are collected from wild shea trees over a vast area in Central and  West Africa. The steps below give a brief outline of the process. Making traditional shea butter is labour intensive. The nuts are shelled, dried, stored over several months. Below are few steps on how the production of the shea butter is done:

  • Shea nuts are contained in pods or shells;
  • Shells or pods cracked open by hand thus releasing nuts or kernels;
  • Nuts are dried to remove moisture;
  • Dried nuts are crushed and roasted;
  • Roasted nuts are ground to paste to facilitate oil extraction;
  • Nut paste with gradual adding of warm water is kneaded vigorously by hand until oil in coagulated form separate from the water;
  • Released oil in coagulated form is whisked out. Water containing nut sediments is discarded;
  • Coagulated Shea butter containing traces of nut paste is placed to steam kettles or boiling pots;
  • Coagulated Shea butter paste is heated in Kettles at high heat to release Shea oil;
  • Shea oil is skimmed and stored to solidify into Shea butter.